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Gift Certificates are available for all Healing Arts services. Contact the body worker directly to learn more.

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Healing Arts

Maya Krishnashastry, Massage Therapist

Maya Krishnasastry, LMT incorporates different techniques such as shiatsu, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and myofascial release.  As a dancer and student of yoga and qi gong, she also draws on her movement background to help clients enhance their kinesthetic awareness.  She has been a NY State Licensed Massage Therapist since 2006, is prenatal and postpartum certified and is currently working towards her doula certification.  For information on rates and availability please contact Maya directly at 516.286.8925 or

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reiki symbolReiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and deep relaxation that also promotes healing.  In Reiki, healing energy is channeled by the giver to the receiver through a gentle laying on of hands.  This divine healing energy (in Sanskrit, prana; in Chinese, qi or chi) is inherently wise, and travels through the receiver's physical, emotional and energy bodies to heal where healing is needed most.  Reiki replenishes vital energy, mobilizes energy that is stuck or blocked, and aides the body's natural healing process producing feelings of peace, security and well-being.  

There are mulitple Reiki Practitioners at the studio. To learn more or to arrange an individual appointment, contact Kathleen Hinge, Director of Yoga Shivaya and Reiki Master: 914-584-1647 or

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Juliana Santos-Kraus, Thai Yoga Bodyworker

Thai Yoga BodyworkThai Yoga Bodywork is an ancient and sacred healing art with deep roots in yogic and Buddhist practices.  It combines the alignment of the breath, yoga stretches, joint mobilizations, soft tissue manipulation, rhythmic rocking, acupressure and energy balancing.  This relieves muscular tension, increases circulation and restores your body’s natural balance.

Juliana trained at the Open Center in NYC in 2013 with Jonas Westring, founder of Shantaya Yoga and Bodywork School.

To learn more or to arrange an individual appointment, contact Juliana: 914-703-1155 or

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Adrienne Ramos, Sweet Cheeks Aesthetics

AdrienneAdrienne Ramos, NYS Licensed Esthetician since 1999, offers 100% organic facials using Eminence skin-care products.  Every facial is extremely thorough and customized to your unique needs.  Adrienne believes strongly that a facial should not only be nourishing but educational as well -- so she teaches each client how to care for her skin holistically. To learn more, contact Adrienne directly:  845-494-5869 or or visit

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