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Our students create our best classes! If you don't see your favorite style of yoga on this list, just gather 4 friends and we'll create a new class for you and then schedule it around your availability. Contact us to learn how.


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More About our Classes and our Teachers

The table below describes most of the classes we offer. Of course, feel free to call us (914-584-1647) for personalized guidance in choosing the class that's best for you.

Class Description
Meditation  Meditation instruction and practice; includes sitting and walking meditation, dharma talk (teachings of the Buddha), and group discussion. Suitable for beginner or advanced meditators.
Beginner Yoga  A mindful, balanced practice that focuses on alignment principles and builds strength, flexibility and focus.
Kripalu Yoga A Hatha Yoga practice with emphasis on breathing freely and moving with compassionate awareness of the body, heart and mind leading to deep connection to one's authentic Self, the Spirit within.
Qigong-Yoga Fusion Experience a unique combination of Eastern healing modalities -- including Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi and a form of Energy Healing called Jin Shin Jyutsu -- that honors the innate wisdom of the body-mind-spirit connection.  Each class features healing techniques that students can bring into their own lives, easily, simply and on a regular basis, to foster their own well-being.  No prior experience needed.  Beginners welcome!
Vinyasa Yoga  Grow strength and flexibility through a vibrant flow of yoga postures that move with breath. 
Pilates Mat exercises build core strength, muscle tone and flexibility.
Yoga Sadhana Yoga means Union. It also means a set of practices that help us to remember that our true nature is not isolation but connection. This class is open to all levels, and will draw from asana (posture) practice as well as pranayama (breathwork), chanting, and meditation...all practices to help reduce the illusion of separation.
Yoga-Pilates Fusion A fusion of Pilates exercises and yoga postures targeted to build core strength, muscle tone and flexibility. Finish with deep relaxation to fully integrate the practice.

Our Teachers

KathleenKathleen Conlon Hinge, Director, founded Yoga Shivaya with the philosophy that growth and flexibility happen only with compassionate acceptance of our bodies as they are.  What's more, by practicing compassion for ourselves, our hearts naturally open to greater compassion for others, bringing healing and peace into the world. 
She has been practicing yoga since 2002 and teaching since 2007.  Kathleen is a Kripalu Yoga Instructor certified at the 500-hour level .  She is also a Reiki Master who offers and teaches Reiki at the studio.

JulianaJuliana Santos-Kraus holds a master's degree in physical education.  She is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, certified Pilates instructor and a personal trainer, having completed her personal trainer course at NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).  She is also certified in restorative yoga, pre-natal yoga and yoga therapy.  She has been teaching in Westchester and NYC for the last 15 years.
Juliana also offers private and group instruction in Pilates on the Reformer. More information is available on her website:

PatriciaPatricia Laufer has been on her yoga and meditation journey for over 20 years and has found both to be powerful vehicles for growth.  She is a Wellness Practitioner, incorporating yoga, pranayama, meditation, ayurvedic principles, energy healing, and Pilates in her classes.  She has her 500 Hour Yoga training certification from Shakti Yoga in Woodstock, New York and a BA in Human Services and Creative Writing.  Patricia is currently writing a memoir, a woman's journey to finding the self.  Want to read some of her writing - go to: and click on blog or email her to be added to her bi-monthly wellness newsletter.